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COVID-19 Protocol

Steel & Steam COVID-19 Best Practices and Safety Procedures: Since day one, Steel & Steam’s number one priority has been safety for both our staff and customers. Due to COVID-19, we have reiterated our commitment to safety by implementing a broadened sanitation protocol for each service. This sanitation protocol is in addition to requiring our Barbers, Stylist and Esthetician’s  to adhere to all federal, state, and local guidelines and rules related to COVID-19.

The following is cleaned before one of our Staff services a client:
○    Barber Chairs
○    All Barber tools
○    Fresh Chair cloth
○    Fresh Razor
In addition, our Barbers, Stylist and Esthetician’s wash their hands before and after every service. We are also available to high risk or immunocompromised customers to discuss additional precautions and to alleviate individual fears during this time. At Steel & Steam, it is about common sense and practicing social distancing whenever possible. At Steel & Steam we use and endorse Barbicide products that include antibacterial wipes, hand sanitizer, antibacterial soap and thermometers for daily fever checks along with other items to ensure our customer’s and drivers safety. If a Staff member experiences symptoms related to COVID-19 (e.g. coughing, pains, fever, etc.) they are required to notify Steel & Steam management, who shall let that person know of next steps (i.e. self-quarantine).  Steel & Steam will implement best practices to keep that person’s individual identifiable information private and will do its best to protect its employees, customers, and partners and notify potentially exposed parties.

Please view the Barbicide letter below; it is a reassurance that we fully support. Finally, to meet top sanitary standards, all of our employees are Barbicide Certified and hold the following certificates located below the letter.

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